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You’ve Been Peeling Pineapples All Wrong (and So Have We)

You’ve Been Peeling Pineapples All Wrong (and So Have We)

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We had no idea this method of peeling pineapples even existed


This guy just took pineapple peeling to whole new level.

If like us, you’ve spent countless hours (or half-hours, maybe) of the summer season cutting the skin off pineapples and then cutting even further, or carefully removing the leftover “eyes” of the pineapple flesh, this video is about to blow your mind.

Even if it doesn’t, the information you’re about to take in will be extremely valuable to you and anyone else you know who is a fan of pineapple-related creations, like tropical cocktails, pineapple upside-down cake, fruit salad, and any number of pineapple glaze recipes for your holiday ham.

There are plenty of reasons you might like to peel and cut a whole pineapple, and this fruit vendor with the knife skills of a wizard was kind enough to let his talents be recorded. By the looks of things, this method takes an incredible amount of physical dexterity and a very sharp knife.

We don’t recommend trying this at home unless you have the proper training, and even then, proceed with extreme caution.

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.

You've Been Eating Pineapple Wrong Your Entire Life

Pineapples are delicious — there's no doubt about it. But before you can indulge in that deliciousness, you have to go through the extensive amount of labor it takes to cut a pineapple. Since pineapple is such a versatile fruit that can be used in anything from smoothies to salsa, wouldn't it be nice to know that there was an easier way to get to the parts of the pineapple that matter? Well, there is, and you can add pineapple to the list of foods you've been eating all wrong.

This pineapple eating hack, which was posted to social media on the TikTok app (via Taste of Home), practically broke the Internet. The video shows someone enjoying their pineapple using only their hands, grabbing the rind and pulling, separating one chunk of pineapple from the rest, bite by bite. There is no knife needed, and no coring or peeling. The method simply involves pulling and eating from the top down. It looked incredibly easy, but for some video watchers, it may have been a bit too easy.

"You can tell they cut around the things" one person said. Plenty of others agreed, calling it fake and saying it looked like each piece of the pineapple being pulled off was pre-cut. Other commenters on the video said they even tried it for themselves and failed, but ABC rounded up several videos of Twitter users successfully peeling off individual pieces of pineapple just as the original poster did. Was this just an illusion to gain social media fame?

Food52 doesn't think so. You may just be trying it on the wrong kind of pineapple. They say this method is best used on a "snack pineapple." This specialty pineapple is smaller and less fibrous than a regular pineapple. If you can't get your hands on a snack pineapple, it's not completely impossible for this hack to work on a regular pineapple, provided you pick one that's very ripe. As the Los Angeles Times reported, ". if you get yourself a very, very, very ripe pineapple and approach it like a man stranded on a desert island, then the hack will work for you." Before you start plucking, one Twitter user also suggests rolling it around on a table to loosen it up a bit.

If you're one of the lucky ones who are able to make this hack work, there may be one downside to it. As you pick each piece of the pineapple apart, you may take some bites of the actual core, too. Though pineapple cores are a bit harder and not as tasty as the actual fruit itself, Roschelle Heuberger, associate professor of foods and nutrition at Central Michigan University, says this may not be a bad thing, telling Everyday Health, "Pineapple cores have nutrients. Eating it raw is really the best way from a nutritional standpoint. It is just a little harder and less sweet than the rest."

We knew that there were plenty of health benefits to eating pineapples, but who knew that the core of a fruit provided nutritional value? It seems like this new way of eating pineapple could have more perks than setbacks, but it might take a few tries to get the technique down just right.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Baking Potatoes

Baked potatoes sit atop the mountain of comfort foods. With a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth interior and a crispy, salty skin, a perfect baked potato is a thing of beauty.

But for many people, the dream of the ideal oven-baked potato sits just out of reach. What should seem easy — baking a potato in a hot oven — can, and often does, return mixed results: gummy centers, slightly charred skins, or slippery, soggy skins.

No one will say they&aposre not edible, but could they be better? Yes. And if the steps to make them better are remarkably easy, there&aposs no reason to suffer sad, shriveled baked potatoes anymore.

Read on to see if you&aposre committing the 7 deadly sins against baked potatoes, and learn simple tips you can follow to make your next batch of oven-baked potatoes perfect.

1. You don't dry the potato well.

You should certainly rinse the potatoes — we prefer russets — to remove any dirt and debris. You can even give them a quick scrub with a vegetable brush. But you need to dry the spuds well after the bath. Excess moisture on the skin can seep into the potato during baking and cause soggy skins.

Do be sure to prick a few holes into the skin, too. While the potato is unlikely to explode in the oven, no one is here to take risks with dinner. Err on the side of caution.

2. You wrap the potato in foil.

Don&apost be ashamed if you do this — many cooks believe it to be the key to the perfect baked potato. But turns out you&aposre ruining the skin if you do this.

The ideal baked potato skin relies on a certain amount of dehydration and rehydration — we&aposll get to that. If you bake in foil, all the moisture from the potato just circles back into the potato skin, which can leave you with a sad state of skin.

No, once you&aposve washed and dried the potatoes, leave them be. No wrapping.

3. You don't use a wire rack under the potatoes.

Potatoes need to cook all the way through, and the best way for that to happen is to make sure the hot air can get to the potato from all sides. If a potato bakes with one side touching a sheet pan, you&aposll get a hard spot and possibly uneven cooking.

Place a thin wire rack inside a rimmed baking sheet. Line up your spuds, side by side, and place the pan into the oven. Make sure there&aposs a little room between each potato before closing the oven door.

4. The oven is too hot.

Low and slow—that&aposs the mantra of the Perfect Baked Potato. If you&aposve got the time to spare, cook the potatoes at 300ଏ for 90 minutes. If you need to speed that up, bump it to 450ଏ for 45 minutes. (Note: Your baking time will vary depending on the size of your potato and how hot your oven runs.)

But don&apost go hotter than that. There&aposs no victory in cooking potatoes at a temp greater than 450ଏ. They might be done a bit faster, but the high heat temp will leave you with overly browned skins that might even char in spots. And since the whole point of a perfectly baked potato is to have skins as delicious as the fluffy interior, there&aposs no charring allowed.

5. You don't take the potatoes' temperature.

You know when meat is perfectly cooked by measuring the internal temperature the same is true for baked potatoes. Use a probe thermometer to measure the temp of your potatoes. You&aposre aiming for a temp in the sweet spot between 205ଏ and 212ଏ. Below that, the texture may still be too dense, and above that, it may become a gummy mess.

6. You baste first, not last.

Skip rubbing your potatoes in oil and salt until the end of the cooking time. That&aposs when they&aposll deliver the most texture and flavor benefit for the spuds. If you oil them up early, the skins may not turn crispy. The salt, too, can run off the potatoes in the heat.

Instead, do a quick oil baste after the potatoes reach 205ଏ: Remove the pan from the oven. Brush with olive oil (or bacon grease if you have it) and a hefty sprinkle of kosher salt.

Return the pan to the oven for 10 minutes — the temperatures of the potatoes won&apost climb more than 2 or 3 degrees in that time. The oil will crisp up the skins that were dehydrated during the long bake, and the salt will add delectable flavor.

7. You let the potatoes cool before cutting.

Unlike meat, potatoes don&apost get better by resting. They need to be sliced open immediately. If you don&apost, they will retain water from the still-steaming center and turn dense and gummy.

Quickly jab a serrated knife through each potato as soon as the pan has cleared the oven. Give them a gentle squeeze (with a hot-temp glove or towel) to create a vent.

Then you can gather all your fixings and call the family to the table. The potatoes will have cooled just enough by the time everyone gathers around to enjoy dinner — and marvel at your perfectly baked potatoes.

10 Fruits you’ve been eating wrong, and how to do it right

Fruit is a tasty, healthy snack that should be easy to grab out of the fridge and eat at a moment’s notice. But how much time (and fruit!) have you wasted by improperly cutting, peeling and eating it?

You don’t want to know. The good news is you can now maximize your sweet, sweet fruit consumption thanks to the hacks below.

1. Apples

Apple cores are a myth. That’s right &mdash a myth! If you eat your apple starting at the bottom or top instead of starting in the middle, the core disappears, and you’re just left with a couple of seeds to spit out (or secretly swallow).

2. Mandarin oranges

If you’re sick of getting sticky fingers and wrestling with peel and pith, then this method of peeling mandarin oranges will be revelatory.

3. Bananas

Leave it to humans to mess up something as simple as peeling a banana. Our other primate friends had it figured out a long time ago: You should start from the bottom to effortlessly peel your banana.

4. Pomegranates

Getting the arils out of a pomegranate sometimes feels impossible to do and can leave your kitchen looking like a murder scene. Turns out a bowl of water makes the process so easy, you might actually start enjoying pomegranates again.

5. Pistachios

It turns out the secret to opening pistachios is… pistachios. Good to know!

Photo credit: Natalie Dee

6. Pineapple

How much pineapple do you waste trying to remove the eyes and all that spiny stuff? This method makes sure you get the most fruit for your buck.

7. Mangoes

Using a knife to peel a slippery mango is messy and dangerous. There’s a much easier way, and all it requires is a drinking glass.

8. Watermelon

If you haven’t been cutting watermelon this way, then you’ve been wasting your time.

9. Kiwi

Stop struggling with that tough, furry skin. All you have to do is slice off both ends, and then use a spoon to scoop the flesh away from the peel.

10. Strawberries

How much of the strawberry do you waste when you cut off the tops? A lot. This method uses a straw and saves most of the berry for eating.

You've Been Peeling Your Favorite Fruits All Wrong Your Entire Life

The banana is a pretty simple fruit. You wait until it’s ripe and peel it from the top (stem) to the bottom and enjoy, right? Wrong! Guess what, you’ve probably been peeling your bananas wrong your whole life and no one told you otherwise.

But there’s good news, the animal kingdom has provided us with a foolproof tutorial on how to peel bananas the right way. Here’s how to quickly and easily peel a banana like a monkey.

Who knew it was that easy! With those extra seconds you saved, you might want to learn about all of the other fruits you’ve peeled wrong.

This Video Showing How To Eat A Pineapple Without A Knife Will Drive You Insane

If you enjoy pineapple, there’s a good chance you grab it pre-cut, or even in cans. The real thing is just too intimidating and potentially dangerous, so why take the time cutting it correctly when someone’s already done the hard work for you? Well, a new video that’s been making the rounds may make you think twice about how to eat a pineapple.

Pineapple may be one of the most popular tropical fruits around.

Even though it’s often tied to Hawaii, that connection is because it’s one of the first locations that canned it. It was reportedly named due to the fact that it looks similar to a pine cone. But, it’s far more delicious. (I mean, I’m guessing. I’ve never actually eaten a pine cone before, just for the record.)

It’s also popular for strange medicinal reasons.

Any pregnant and overdue lady out there has likely gorged themselves on the acidic fruit because pineapple is said to jumpstart labor. At the very least, it’ll help your Vitamin C levels.

So, how do we know so much about pineapple when we may have been eating it wrong this entire time?

The video in question was initially uploaded on TikTok by user @dillonroberts22, but quickly made its way to Twitter so that people could openly react.

Caution: There are a lot of mouth noises, which some of you may be sensitive to.

So, instead of cutting the pineapple… all you have to do is pull it?

Video showing 'correct' way to eat a pineapple goes viral

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Vegetables Vs Fruits

When it’s juice you want vegetables always win. Don’t get me wrong, I love fruit as much as the next person, and no one has ever gotten fat from eating too much fruit. But when fruit is made into juice it becomes much more unhealthy because you have a lot of sugar without the fibre to digest it.

So when you’re making juice you want either all of it or almost all of it to be vegetables, some fruit to sweeten up the taste is still fine, all about moderation, it’s just all fruit juices you want to avoid.

Plus vegetables have just as much nutrition as fruit and in some cases even more so!

Keep reading and we’ll start going through all the best vegetables for juicing before we get to the ones to avoid.

Alyssa Modos

Peel back the skin all the way around the banana, then take a second to admire how hassle-free that was. No mush, no bruise, no mess.

If you're averse to change, or you think taking advice from a monkey is questionable, I understand that you may continue to peel your banana the "traditional" way. Just know that you'll probably miss out on the top 2 or 3 inches of your potassium-filled fruit, while the rest of us will enjoy our bananas in their entirety. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Watch: How To Open Pineapple Using Bare Hands? Viral Hack Has Got You Covered


The brightly coloured pineapple is known to be a healthy addition to our diet. A 100-gram serving of the juicy tropical fruit contains an abundant amount of Vitamin C, as per the USDA. However, the actual consumption of the delicious fruit is another hassle altogether. Whole pineapples are really hard to cut and peel and require a lot of effort. Canned pineapples usually end up containing dubious amounts of sugar. A recently surfaced video shows how exactly you can open up a pineapple using just bare hands without the need for any equipment. Yes, it's possible!

The video was shared on the subreddit r/Unexpected, which has 3.3 million members. The 3-minute long clip has received 84.8k upvotes within 48 hours of being posted by user u/sparkling_mailbox. The pineapple hack was originally sourced from artist John Nonny on Facebook, where it received over 15 million views in the span of a single week.

In the viral clip, we can see Nonny in frame taking directions from a friend. The friend is the one holding the camera and he reveals to John how they will open up a pineapple using just bare hands. The person holding the camera instructs him to take a pineapple and screw off the stem from it just like a bottle cap.

Then, the duo shakes up the pineapple by repeatedly thumping it on the ground from the bottom. After this, they roll it around vertically and shake it up some more. The pineapple is now 'loosened up' as they called it in the video. And that was it! They used the tiny rings on the pineapple to pull apart each individual fragment which was already built on the fruit. The unbelievable part was that it actually worked like magic. The genius hack got the pineapple in a ready-to-eat state with zero equipment, no hassle, and simply by using bare hands. Amazing, right? Take a look at the full video here:

Pineapple hack video -

In March 2019, a similar video had done the rounds on the internet. The video showed a user chomping off on a pineapple by using hands only, but how they got to the stage was unclear. Several renown food bloggers and channels had attempted to decode how exactly pineapple could be eaten this way. Some users also expressed their concern about the exact variety of pineapple that the hack could work with. Click here to watch it.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this incredible hack on your next batch of pineapples, and tell us how the results came out!

About Aditi Ahuja Aditi loves talking to and meeting like-minded foodies (especially the kind who like veg momos). Plus points if you get her bad jokes and sitcom references, or if you recommend a new place to eat at.

Watch the video: Kako zasaditi ananas. How to grow a Pineapple - cat included!


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